Clarence “Fun Dungeon Face Off”

LinkedIn just notified me that I've worked at Cartoon Network for 1 year today. To celebrate here is an illustration inspired by the first episode of Clarence “Fun Dungeon Face Off”.

Clarence premiered this past Monday! The first entire episode ”Fun Dungeon Face Off” AND ”Great Day with a Girl” is free on iTunes! I recommend downloading it since the quality is soooo much nicer that way.

Star Trek TNG

Here is a Star Trek illustration I did for the Star Trek Boldly Zine sold only during the @lazinefest! Gag writen by @dafnaboom! Zines crafted by  @dafnaBOOM! and @jasonhohoho. Thanks for having me in your book along with other super talented trekkie artist! 

The books sold out during the LA Zinefest and proceeds were donated to AIDS Project Los Angeles (APLA)! APLA is the non-profit I'm running for in the LA Marathon next weekend March 9th!

My fundraising page.

Clarence Pilot

If you don’t already know…the full Clarence pilot is available online! 
This is the show I’ve been painting bgs on since last spring! I didn’t work on the pilot but boy is it hilarious and full of charm. 
Clarence officially premieres in April!