Star Trek girl

Chris Houghton and I teamed up on this illustration! I drew it and I asked Chris to use his amazing comic book skills and ink it!

I love Star Trek (the original series) so much I often daydream about who I would be if I was a character on the show.

I drew myself in uniform. Here are some characteristics I would have on the show:

-I would NOT fall for captain Kirk’s charm.

-Aurora and I would be BFFs since we’re the most sensible women on the ship.

-I would be a strong independent woman not afraid to be sassy and kick space butt.

-I would be a researcher who gathers samples from new planets. This would mean I’d have to tag along with Capt. Kirk and the boys during mostly every episode… of course.

-I’d have big hair and a lot of eye makeup obviously.

-Okay maybe I’d fall for captain Kirk’s charm during the occasional office party after a drink or two.


Cheyenne said...

cute! i like her legs :)

Jez Tuya said...

So cute!

DrawDoll said...

Ooooh super cute! I love it Kassandra!

*daisy said...

this is SO super duper adorable!!!! : D

Chelsey Holeman said...

Your work is so silly! I love it! :)